2013-02-04 Debreczeni... o test master
2013-02-04 Debreczeni... o test push
2013-02-04 Karsten Wiesnerfixed makefile in cli unittest
2013-01-29 Tito Dal CantonMerge branch 'findchirp_fixes'
2013-01-28 Tito Dal Cantoncbc/findchirp: fixed a few compilation warnings
2013-01-25 Tito Dal CantonAdded a few missing kernels.
2013-01-25 Tito Dal CantonFixed more compilation warnings
2013-01-25 Tito Dal CantonEnabled -Wall and fixed code to remove warnings
2013-01-24 Tito Dal CantonFixed wrong operator-= in Array class.
2013-01-23 Tito Dal Cantoncommon/array: added mean, variance and in-place subtrac...
2013-01-14 Tito Dal CantonRenamed m1/m2 params to mass1/mass2 for compatibility...
2012-12-20 Tito Dal CantonBring chi2 calculation back
2012-12-19 Tito Dal CantonFindchirp fixes accepted so far
2012-12-19 Tito Dal CantonSome fixes to trigger generation for cbc/findchirp
2012-12-17 Tito Dal CantonAdded median PSD estimation method
2012-12-17 Karsten Wiesneradded lib lalmetaio in unittest/runtime Makefile
2012-12-17 Karsten WiesnerMerge branch 'runtime-proglist-dev'
2012-12-17 Karsten Wiesnerruntime GetProgram method finished and tested (check...
2012-12-16 Karsten Wiesnersome minor changes and clean up. Still to debug GetProgram
2012-12-15 Karsten Wiesnerextended runtime.GetProgram with a queue for programs
2012-12-06 Tito Dal CantonFixed bug in
2012-12-06 Tito Dal CantonAdded cbc/*/build directories to .gitignore
2012-12-06 Tito Dal CantonRemoved spurious .o file
2012-12-06 Tito Dal CantonAdded --segment-length and --segment-overlap options...
2012-12-06 Tito Dal CantonFixed SNR normalization in cbc/findchirp application
2012-12-04 Tito Dal CantonAdded cbc/findchirp application to cbc/Makefile
2012-11-21 Karsten WiesnerMetaIo Writer 1st Version ready.
2012-11-21 Karsten Wiesner1st time can write the whole single inspiral table...
2012-11-19 Karsten Wiesnerjust compiles in common ...
2012-11-19 Karsten Wiesnercan write testfile w/ metaio
2012-11-19 Karsten Wiesnerprovided common usecase for findchirp app (README,...
2012-11-19 Karsten WiesnerMerge branch 'metaio-dev-writetriggers' into metaio...
2012-11-19 Gergely Debreczeni o cw directory added
2012-11-18 Debreczeni... o TriggerList added
2012-11-18 Debreczeni... o trigger definition added
2012-11-12 Karsten Wiesnerprepared metaio writer for implementation of write_sing...
2012-11-09 Karsten WiesnerOK can write more than one event (snr) into single...
2012-11-09 Karsten Wiesnercan write snr into sngl-inspiral-table
2012-11-09 Karsten Wiesnercould write singl inspiral table with lalmetaio
2012-11-08 Karsten Wiesnercan compile with lalmetaio have to set linker properly ...
2012-11-08 Karsten WiesnerMerge branch 'metaio_dev' of
2012-11-08 Karsten Wiesnervarious error checks and build info at program build
2012-11-07 Karsten Wiesnercan build cl programs with runtime.GetProgram()
2012-11-05 Karsten Wiesneradded runtime unittest in order to prepare runtime...
2012-10-30 Debreczeni... o findchirp man page skeleton added, to be corrected...
2012-10-30 Debreczeni... o banksim modifide for the waveform generator
2012-10-29 Debreczeni... o playing with clustering
2012-10-28 Gergely Debreczeni o normalisation time added
2012-10-28 Debreczeni... Merge branch 'master' of
2012-10-28 Debreczeni... o timing added
2012-10-28 Gergely Debreczeni o createcache added
2012-10-28 Debreczeni... o libmetaio added
2012-10-28 Debreczeni... o findchirp development
2012-10-28 Debreczeni... o new version of findchirp
2012-10-27 Debreczeni... o template bank application finished
2012-10-27 Debreczeni... o templatebank first version
2012-10-26 Debreczeni... o waveform fixed (new constructor for frequencyseries...
2012-10-26 Debreczeni... o templatebank app almost there ...
2012-10-26 Debreczeni... o templatebank app progress
2012-10-26 Debreczeni... Merge branch 'master' of
2012-10-26 Debreczeni... o templatebank makefile updated
2012-10-26 Karsten Wiesneradded read_approximant to obtain the approx model
2012-10-25 Debreczeni... o spectrum simplified
2012-10-23 Tito Dal CantonFix PSD normalization for two-sided spectra
2012-10-18 Tito Dal CantonUncommented an error message
2012-10-18 Tito Dal CantonA couple improvements to cbc/spectrum and FrequencySeri...
2012-10-18 Tito Dal CantonMerge branch 'master' into tito_devel
2012-10-18 Debreczeni... o PDEGeneric added
2012-10-18 Debreczeni... o typo fixed in kernelselector
2012-10-18 Tito Dal CantonAdded value-less constructors for TimeSeries and Freque...
2012-10-18 Debreczeni... o application for multiresolution studies added
2012-10-17 Tito Dal CantonImprovements to FrequencySeries, PSD and spectrum app...
2012-10-17 Tito Dal CantonMerge branch 'master' into tito_devel
2012-10-17 Debreczeni... o templated assignment completed, tested
2012-10-17 Debreczeni... o templated assignment operator added to Array class
2012-10-17 Karsten Wiesnerprovided very basic writing capabilities. Just create...
2012-10-16 Debreczeni... o constructor for cl_complex_type addded
2012-10-15 Debreczeni... o spaces deleted
2012-10-15 Tito Dal CantonModified cbc/spectrum to use latest GWFilter::PSD changes
2012-10-15 Tito Dal CantonModified GWFilter::PSD() to produce a FrequencySeries
2012-10-15 Tito Dal CantonAdded some FrequencySeries functionality
2012-10-15 Karsten WiesnerMerge branch 'xml_devel'
2012-10-15 Karsten Wiesnerreading on templatebank ( sngl_inspiral ) table done
2012-10-15 Debreczeni... o further devs on benchmark
2012-10-13 Karsten Wiesnerread almost complete try to fetch via any cast not...
2012-10-13 Gergely Debreczeni o duration man pages fixed to follow standards
2012-10-12 Gergely Debreczeni o jumpstart guide deleted
2012-10-12 Karsten Wiesnerfixed some minor bugs - 1st compilable basic metaio...
2012-10-12 Karsten Wiesner1st version ov GWMetaIO just hacked in not tested
2012-10-12 Karsten WiesnerMerge branch 'xml_devel' of
2012-10-12 Karsten Wiesneradded metaio files
2012-10-12 Karsten Wiesner1st basic fetch of singl inspiral table template param...
2012-10-11 Debreczeni... o benchmark FFT works
2012-10-11 Debreczeni... o fixing changes after waveform merge
2012-10-11 Debreczeni... o Merge branch 'master' of
2012-10-11 Karsten Wiesnerlink to metaio - try to decipher metaio unions
2012-10-10 Debreczeni... o introduction of extrinsic, intrinsic waveform parameters
2012-10-09 Debreczeni... o waveform generator working
2012-10-08 Karsten Wiesnerxml reader reads and displays H1... templatefile and...
2012-10-08 Karsten Wiesnerintroduced GWXml module plus unittest xml